As parents of young children and Children of ageing Parents, our families mean the world to us. We want the best for them. Countless times we (including me) have promised to go the extra mile to ensure healthy food but it is a struggle to do it right every time. I yearned to have something off the shelf to boost health, stamina, fitness of my loved ones.

Good Health can have multiple interpretations, but for us at Asili, being healthy means leveraging the power of nature to become better. The belief that strong immunity and stamina leads a healthy life, inspired us to create Asili for you. The journey that began with small preparations in our homes is now ready to enter your world.

Making you healthy the natural way is our key priority and hence all our preparations are made with utmost love and care. Each ingredients is procured carefully, keeping in mind it’s natural goodness.

All formulations, harness the benefits of Ayurveda and have been approved by doctors and health experts. These are then prepared at GMP certified factories.

We are your partners in your quest to lead a happy and healthy life!

Locations Served : All Over India


Sneh Sharma

Sneh Sharma


An “ideas factory”, passionate about whatever cause she picks up, Sneh wears many hats. She can bake a terrific cheesecake, grow gigantic beetroots in her organic garden and is a mom to four kids (two four legged, tailed and two human). She is a fitness enthusiast, obsessed about reading food labels, advocates sustainable living and is also an HR professional!

Its been her endeavor to educate herself on the role healthy and nutritious food plays in our lives. With Asili, Sneh and her team has created a product line that is pure, ready mixed, nutritionist validated. She is excited about you enjoying it!

Devika Puri

Devika Puri


A communication professional from Monday to Friday, a dreamer with open eyes over the weekend and a writer at heart all throughout. A heady concoction of clarity of thought and obscurity of dreams- that is Devika for you. Give her a book and win her heart. Throw a challenge at her and you will see the fiery ‘Jhansi ki rani’ at play. Discuss philosophy and you will get her talking. Conversation & coffee will get her going, pretence and glib talk will put her off.
Ball of fire camouflaged in a petite frame… that’s Devika Puri

Anju Balyan

Anju Balyan

Head of Customer Engagement

Anju’s favorite two words describe her life philosophy –“ Sahi hai”. She has a disarming smile, a positive attitude and a never give up spirit. Her two boys keep challenging her to give her best. An avid reader and chatterbox, she has the power to light and lighten up a room. She loves exploring new places, is a foodie and can burn the dance floor.
She revs up the team at Asili with her innovative ideas on keeping customers happy!

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