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Turmeric Golden Milk Mix

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Net Weight: 200gm

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Organic Turmeric with the fragrance of cardamom, fennel and ginger – turmeric milk was never so interesting! Choicest ingredients in an easy to use powder. Just give it a boil in hot milk, add honey/sugar (if you like it sweet) and enjoy the millenia old benefits of Golden Milk

Organic Turmeric used by Asili is certified as per USDA NOP and India Organic NOP Standards. This organic Turmeric has a very high curcumin content, and contains high vitamins, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and amino acids making it one of the most in-demand health enhancers in the world. We use best in class cardamom which is known to boost immunity, protect against chronic diseases, lower blood pressure and help with digestive problems including ulcers.

Our grandmoms and moms advocated Turmeric Milk as the nectar of life! It is full of antioxidants, may improve memory and brain function, reduce inflammation and joint pain, may reduce risk of cancer and heart disease.

A cup at night will ensure a restful sleep!!

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2 reviews for Turmeric Golden Milk Mix

  1. Anjleena

    Recently i have used Asili (Golden Milk Mix). This product is amazing. I used to experience bloating but by adding this product it has enhanced the subtle flavor, taste and I am able to digest milk.

  2. Dilip Balakrishnan (verified owner)

    This is another great Asili product. It goes very well with warm milk. Just two days of this drink cured my sore throat like magic !

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